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Routing problem, GPS, direction.

Using the Genetic Algorithm for the Optimization of Dynamic School Bus Routing Problem

Vehicle routing problems (VRP) are complicated problems, which can be encountered in a variety of different fields and are not possible to solve using conventional methods. Thanks to the technological advancements in areas such as the global positioning system (GPS), geographical information systems (GIS), mobile communication networks, and traffic sensors,

A Combination of Meta-heuristic and Heuristic Algorithms for the VRP, OVRP and VRP with Simultaneous Pickup and Delivery

Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a Nondeterministic Polynomial Hard combinatorial optimization problem to serve the consumers from central depots and returned back to the originated depots with given vehicles. Furthermore, two of the most important extensions of the VRPs are the open vehicle routing problem (OVRP) and VRP with simultaneous

A Hybrid Self-adaptive Global Best Harmony Search Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

This paper presents a hybrid self-adaptive global best harmony search algorithm (HSGHSA) to improve the performance of harmony search algorithm (HSA) for solving vehicle routing problems with time windows (VRPTW). To explore the search space more efficiently, the proposed HSGHSA couples an improved variant of HSA called global best harmony