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Modeling Self-Organizing Systems With Social Insects Algorithms

Self-organization is common in natural systems. This tutorial describes some of these systems, speci¯cally from insect societies like in bees, termites or ant colonies. In a first part, a modeling process is explained. Objects and phenomena targeted by these methods are presented. Natural or social complex systems are the context

Creating Virtual Communities by Means of Swarm Intelligence

During centuries, observing the behavior of wild species has always been fascinating and full of mysteries. Modeling human interactions based on those revealed on the wilderness conducts to innovative solutions, but also poses unexpected issues. In this article, we describe our approach of creating communities of virtual entities by means

Design & Development of a Software System for Swarm Intelligence Based Research Studies

This paper introduce a software system including widely-used Swarm Intelligence algorithms or approaches to be used for the related scientific research studies associated with the subject area. The programmatic infrastructure of the system allows working on a fast, easy-to-use, interactive platform to perform Swarm Intelligence based studies in a more