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On Stability of the Mechanical Lagrangian Systems

We consider MLS (mechanical Lagrangian systems) with external forces. We give some conditions of stability and dissipativity and show that the energy of the system decreases on the integral curves. Valer Niminet, Otilia Lungu https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brand/article/view/350     Articles on the web Cleaning spray WARNING: Chemicals ‘can cause long-term lung damage’

The Game of Irony in Charles Dickens’ Novels

The paper aims at identifying the three types of irony – verbal, dramatic and of situation – in some of Charles Dickens’ novels in order to reveal the author’s contribution to the modern understanding of Victorianism. The ironic discourse will be analyzed so as to show the true underlying meaning

LiBRI: When Apologies Are Not Sincere Apologies

PhD Ahmad Kareem Salem Al-Wuhaili will present in the latest volume of the LiBRI journal an article about the duality of political apologies, aiming to reveal the fact that important political faces apologise without meaning it. Unfortunately, apologising, which used to be a sincere statement of one’s feelings of guilt,