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On Converting Software Systems to Object Oriented Architectures

Object-oriented concepts are useful concerning the reuse of existing software. Therefore a transformation of procedural programs to objectoriented architectures becomes an important process to enhance the reuse of procedural programs. Moreover, it would be useful to assist by automatic methods the software developers in transforming procedural code into an equivalent

Two New Software Behavioral Design Patterns: Obligation Link and History Reminder

Finding proper design patterns has always been an important research topic in the software engineering community. One of the main responsibilities of the software developers is to determine which design pattern fits best to solve a particular problem. Design patterns support the effort of exploring the use of artificial intelligence

BRAIN: The Role of the Conceptual Invariants Regarding the Prevention of the Software Artefacts’ Obsolescence

Răzvan Bocu and Dorin Bocu from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Transilvania University of Brașov, Romania, wrote a paper on the role of the conceptual invariats concerning the prevention of the artefacts’ obscolescence, emphasizing the software engineering. The aim is to understand the invariants’ role considering the continuous