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Re-Shaping Education: Role of Internet Resources in Increasing the Efficiency of the Educational Process

Today’s lifestyle puts an increasing accent on internet resources. In order to increase its efficiency, the educational process should also include internet resources. This work presents different internet resources (online courses and tutorials, social media, online games) and analyses their efficiency in training students. Simina Maris, Stefan Alfred Maris, Luisa

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A #Col(L)Ectiv(E) Romanian Tragedy. a Case Study on Social Media Fighting Corruption

The fire occurred at the #Colectiv Club in the Romanian capital city, Bucharest, on October 31st, 2015 and caused 64 deaths. The reactions of all public institutions, which should have provided explanations to the public opinion, were delayed and incomplete. The aim of this study is to explain the role

Training Teachers for the Knowledge Society: Social Media in Science Education

Internet and social media (SM) have revolutionized the way scientific information is disseminated within our society. Nowadays professional and/or social networks are increasingly used for learning and informal science education successfully supplements the formal one at all educational levels. Students become addicted to technology from an early age and consistently use SM for

Generation Y Students in Social Media: What Do We Know About Them?

The purpose of this study is to estimate what we know about Generation Y students’ behavior in Social Media (SM), especially in our country. The correct identification of their traits is crucial for the academic community, primarily from the perspective of understanding their real needs, as beneficiaries of teaching act, followed by a

How to Mix the Ingredients for a Blended Course Recipe

Over the last years, the growing ubiquity of Social Media, the emerging mobile technologies and the augmented reality become more deeply integrated into the teaching-learning process and also create new opportunities for reinventing the way in which educational actors both perceive and access learning. The major challenges in education that

Can Facebook Help You Become Mayor? Case Study: BacãU, 2016

Cleverly used in political communication, Facebook helps candidates to raise their visibility, to directly communicate with the citizens and involve them in creating virtual communities and content in order to virally promote political messages. In our study we briefly present the way in which Facebook was used, timidly at first,

Participative Teaching with Mobile Devices and Social Networks for K-12 Children

This article details a set of participatory pedagogical experiments conducted within a research grant PN II IDEI (”Time Maps. Real communities, virtual worlds, experimented pasts”) performed with the purpose of helping rural communities in identifying their cultural heritage and transmitting it to the younger generations by means of modern IT technologies, including

The Presence and Activity on Facebook of the Informative Travel Organizations in Romania

In the context of a general increase in tourism activity and in the number of trips, and given that the consumption preferences of tourists are changing rapidly, the need for information becomes urgent and there is a concomitant development of public and private organizations involved in providing the necessary information

BRAIN: Social Media as Medical Validator

The electronic word of mouth (eWOM) is a communication form adapted to the digitalized world of today where persons that never met communicate in an impersonal manner. The paper Social Media as Medical Validator written by Laura Broasca, Versavia-Maria Ancusa and Horia Ciocarlie aims to explore the receptiveness towards a