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Correcting grammar task.

On the Effect of Recast in Task-Based Grammar Instruction Across Two Age Groups: Adolescents vs. Adults

In order to address the issue of age differences in feedback reception, this study investigated the effect of recast in task-based grammar instruction on Iranian adolescent and adult EFL learners’ learning of conditionals and relatives. The data were collected from 114 adolescent (aged 15-18) and adult (aged 30-35) EFL learners.

The Effect of Recast vs. Self Correction on Writing Accuracy: the Role of Awareness

Studies in support of the facilitative role of correction in either forms of recast, repetition, confirmations, compression checks, or clarification request abound (Ellis, 2003). Among these studies recast has proved to be the most frequent type of error correction in classroom [30] [32]; however,   self-correction or elicitation might make students