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The Effect of Vocabulary Size on Reading Comprehension of Iranian Efl Learners

A large number of variables influence the way a learner comprehends a reading passage, one of which is vocabulary size. The studies which have focused on this seemingly important aspect, in some settings, are few and far between. This indicates the importance of running more research in this respect. The

Vocabulary Learning As the Predictor of Third-Grader Efl Learners’ Achievement: A Case for Translation

The purpose of the study was to formulate a model to predict the performance of Iranian high school third-graders on the End of the Course Achievement (ECA) tests through their performance on the vocabulary tests, which were administered throughout the course. To meet this end, thirty two learners – aging

On the Relationship Between Right- Brain and Left- Brain Dominance and Reading Comprehension Test Performance of Iranian Efl Learners

A tremendous amount of works have been conducted by psycholinguistics to identify hemisphere processing during second/ foreign language learning, or in other words to investigate the role of the brain hemisphere dominance in language performance of learners. Most of these researches have focused on single words and word pairs (e.g.,