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Classification Algorithms of Data Mining Applied for Demographic Processes

Data mining is a generous field for researchers due to its various approaches on knowledge discovery in enormous volumes of data that are stored in different formats. At present, data are widely used all over the world, covering areas such as: education, industry, medicine, banking, inssurance companies, research laboratories, business,

Automatic Anthropometric System Development Using Machine Learning

The contactless automatic anthropometric system is proposed for the reconstruction of the 3D-model of the human body using the conventional smartphone. Our approach involves three main steps. The first step is the extraction of 12 anthropological features. Then we determine the most important features. Finally, we employ these features to

A Review on Seizure Detection Systems with Emphasis on Multi-domain Feature Extraction and Classification using Machine Learning

At present, manual observation of the electroencephalogram (EEG) signals is the prime method for diagnosis of epileptic seizure disorders. The method is a time consuming and error prone as it involves errors due to fatigue in continuous monitoring of nonlinear and nonstationary EEG signals. Out of approximate 1% of the