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Economic Prediction,Money-Time.

A Neuro Solution for Economic Diagnosis and Prediction

The paper present a solution for the economic activity evolution diagnostic and prediction by means of a set of indicators. Starting from the indicators set, there is defined a measure on the patterns set, measure representing a scalar value that characterizes the activity analyzed at each time moment. A pattern

Application of T-Cherry Junction Trees in Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition aims to classify data (patterns) based ei-ther on a priori knowledge or on statistical information extracted from the data. In this paper we will concentrate on statistical pattern recognition using a new probabilistic approach which makes possible to select the so called ‘informative’ features. We develop a pattern

An Enhancement over Texture Feature Based Multiclass Image Classification Under Unknown Noise

In this paper we deal with classification of multiclass images using statistical texture features with two approaches. One with statistical texture feature extraction of the whole image, another with feature extraction of image blocks. This paper presents an experimental assessment of classifier in terms of classification accuracy under different constraints