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Using Reporting in the Internal Communication Process of the Company

Internal communication can be regarded either as a subsistent process of the organization, or as a process helping to decode and more easily understand them. Organizations are based on the internal communication process, because without it, information, ideas could not be sent, the organization’s goals and values could not be

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Applying Metaphor in the Motivational Process Within the Organizations

Through motivation, managers are looking to fulfil certain needs of employees with the purpose that this way, through their behaviours and actions, they can more easily achieve the goals of the organization. Motivation addresses some needs, tensions of the employee that he needs to fulfil. But, in order for motivation

The Status of Positive Psychology Strengths Within the Romanian School in the Digital Society

The aim of this study is to identify the possible correlations between the strengths that are taught in school and those which are necessary for reaching personal success. In order to test the extent to which these strengths correlate, we applied a psychological-assessment tool composed of 24 strengths with a