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Economic Prediction,Money-Time.

A Neuro Solution for Economic Diagnosis and Prediction

The paper present a solution for the economic activity evolution diagnostic and prediction by means of a set of indicators. Starting from the indicators set, there is defined a measure on the patterns set, measure representing a scalar value that characterizes the activity analyzed at each time moment. A pattern

An Enhancement over Texture Feature Based Multiclass Image Classification Under Unknown Noise

In this paper we deal with classification of multiclass images using statistical texture features with two approaches. One with statistical texture feature extraction of the whole image, another with feature extraction of image blocks. This paper presents an experimental assessment of classifier in terms of classification accuracy under different constraints

New Ideas for Brain Modelling

This paper describes some biologically-inspired processes that could be used to build the sort of networks that we associate with the human brain. New to this paper, a ‘refined’ neuron will be proposed. This is a group of neurons that by joining together can produce a more analogue system, but with the same

Prediction of Thyroid Disease Using Data Mining Techniques

Recently, thyroid diseases are more and more spread worldwide. In Romania, for example, one of eight women suffer from hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism or thyroid cancer. Various research studies estimate that about 30% of Romanians are diagnosed with endemic goiter. The factors that affect the thyroid function are: stress, infection, trauma, toxins,

A Speech to Text Transcription Approach based on Romanian Corpus

Automatic speech segmentation has many applications in speech processing and phonetics, e.g., in automatic speech recognition and automatic annotation of speech corpora. In both processes of training and evaluation of speech recognition systems large aligned speech-to-text corpora are needed. Once aligned, identification of phonemes could be based on samples that