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Mix of accounting items.

Education in Accounting Using an Interactive System

This paper represents a summary of a research report and the results of developing an educational software, including a multi-agent system for teaching accounting bases and financial accounting. The paper describes the structure of the multi-agent system, defined as a complex network of s-agents. Each s-agent contains 6 pedagogical agents

A Proposed Data Driven Architecture for Cardiology Network Application

The paper presents a framework for a distributed medical system meant to bring a modern approach and inhance the quality of medical services offered to chronicle patients with cardio-vascular diseases, through the latest IT&C technologies. The proposed system provides online interaction between the main actors of a medical system: patients,

Optimization of Distributed Systems Using Multi-Agent Systems with Virtual Time

The fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Real Time areas has proven to be quite a clever movement, similar to the movement associated to check in chess (lets not go that far as checkmate, considering that the area of Informatics is quite slippery when it comes to updates). Artificial Intelligence provides

Cognitive Medical Multiagent Systems

The development of efficient and flexible agent-based medical diagnosis systems represents a recent research direction. Medical multiagent systems may improve the efficiency of traditionally developed medical computational systems, like the medical expert systems. In our previous researches, a novel cooperative medical diagnosis multiagent system called CMDS (Contract Net Based Medical