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Mediation: the Wise Advocacy

Adversarial litigation is not the only means of resolving disputes and settling of claims. There are various options. Alternative means of dispute resolution can save money and time, and can help to anchor and resolve the dispute while exploring valuable good offices, amicable approaches and facilitation. Mediation, as used in

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Legal Regulations Concerning Some Measures Taken to Accelerate the Settlement of the Processes in Romania

The small reform represented a significant step in the dynamics of the Romanian legal life. The amendments of the civil and criminal law prefigured the long waited big reform of the national legislation, to identify the mechanisms needed to accelerate the settlement of the processes as an essential coordinate of

Mediating Iranian Efl Learners: Private Speech and Scaffolding in Reading Comprehension

In Sociocultural Theory (SCT), mediations in second language learning include (1) mediation by others (2) mediation by self (3) mediation by artifacts, which incorporates brilliant insights for EFL contexts (Lantolf, 2000a). Putting these ideas in a task-based method, the present study aimed at examining the contribution of scaffolding and private