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Synergy Between Formal and Non-Formal Learning Approaches in Teaching at University

Education is at the heart of sustainable development and is the key to the professional success of young people. In modern living conditions, the student needs a wide range of key competences to adapt successfully to the rapidly changing environment, and the rapid pace of development necessitates innovative approaches to

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Knowledge Management in Economic Downturn: Indian Scenario

Knowledge management is becoming an indispensable aspect of most of the modern business organizations. It is considered as a corporate cost savings process to augment performance capabilities with broader availability and utilization of major corporate knowledge assets. Knowledge management is the basis of all planning, all development and all progress

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Learning Dynamics in Transformational Change: a Study of Workforce Behavior in the Developing Economies

Organizational and individual learning are two different concepts in contemporary organizational theory. Organizational learning is a difficult concept which needs to be further elucidated for organizational practitioner at actual work setting; especially in the developing countries like Pakistan. This paper reviews the literature on organizational learning in transformational change, and

Artificial Intelligence as a Decision-making Tool in Planning the Research

The quality of a finite product is influenced both on quantitative and qualitative factors and thus it is somewhat difficult to determine the major factors which affect it and their degree of influence. In this paper we present the usage of artificial intelligence (in particular artificial neural networks) in the