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Mathematical Properties of Complex Networks

Many researchers are attempting to create systems which mimic human thought, or understand speech, or beat to the best human chess-player [14]. Understanding intelligence and Creating intelligent artifacts both are the twin goals of Artificial Intelligence (AI).In more recent times, the interest is focused on problems related with Complex Networks

Improving Tools in Artificial Intelligence

The historical origin of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is usually established in the Dartmouth Conference, of 1956. But we can find many more arcane origins [1]. Also, we can consider, in more recent times, very great thinkers, as Janos Neumann (then, John von Neumann, arrived in USA), Norbert Wiener, Alan

Connectionism vs. Computational Theory of Mind

Usually, the problems in AI may be many times related to Philosophy of Mind, and perhaps because this reason may be in essence very disputable. So, for instance, the famous question: Can a machine think? It was proposed by Alan Turing [16]. And it may be the more decisive question,