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Is the Gaze Behavior During Stair Walking Affected by Pregnancy?

During stair walking, there is an increased risk of falling among pregnant women. A substantial contribution for the foot placement and balance control during stair walking is provided by vision. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there are any pregnancy-related changes in gaze behavior during the stair

The Analysis of E-Commerce Sites with Eye-Tracking Technologies

The e-commerce sites have many dimensions from the final user’s point of view. Making websites more usable and improving the users’ experience represents an important step when desiring to keep them from moving away. This study is examining the effects of the interactivity dimensions on users’ content comprehension and their

The Analysis of E-Commerce Sites with Eye-Tracking Technologies

In this era of technology, it cannot come as a surprise that E-Commerce sites have become a significant part of the user’s online activity. In order for these websites to remain relevant to the visitors over long periods of time, attention should be brought to their efficiency and effectiveness when