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What Lies Beyond the Romania’s Economic Developmentwhat Lies Beyond the Romania’s Economic Development

This paper analyzes the dynamic of economic development in Romania, underlying the steps already made by Romania on the way of economic development, as well as the causes of the slowness of this long term process. Four dimensions of the economic development are particularly analyzed here, i.e. the GDP, health,

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Innovative Economy in Post-Crisis Age

The global economic crisis has shifted main attention to the role of innovative technologies in the forming of the innovation economy. Russian economy has been severely impacted by the crisis downslide. This was predetermined by the export-orientated nature of Russian economy. Manufacturing sector is poorly developed which contributes to Russia’s

BRAIN: Artificial Intelligence as a Decision-making Tool in Planning the Research

Because of their ability to reproduce the biological neural networks, ANNs (Artificial neural networks) have found uncountable applications to a wide range of disciplines. Simina Maris, Titus Slavici, Petre Nenu and Liliana Baciu will present in the latest volume of BRAIN journal an article about the usage of artificial intelligence,