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Systematic Review of Technology-Based Psychoeducational Interventions for Language Disorders

The objective of the study is to examine interactive psychoeducational intervention technologies for language disorders. There were selected and analyzed studies centered on using interactive technologies in speech therapy published between 2007 and 2017. A total of 32 studies met the selection criteria. The analysis revealed a different rank regarding

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Using NLP Reframing, Metaprograme Methods for Improving the Activity of the Organization

The new method by increasing the adaptation speed to a context, through a slight transformation of the contextual meaning of words and by the optimization of the phases in which the actual process of reframing provides a closer connection between the person and context, a better adaptation to the language

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Communication, Non-Communication, and Their Integration

The term ‘communication’ becomes meaningless if we cannot distinguish communication from what is not communication or if the notion of ‘information transfer’ is undifferentiated. The situation is complicated by the fact that some phenomena can be viewed as ‘communicational’ in some respects but not in others. A further complication is

Questioning Communication Models and Constructs: Qualitative Distinctions

Central issues in linguistics and semiotics can be addressed through reflection on the underlying concepts in models and constructs. General models or constructs do not always fit particular instances of their application. General models are useful, but qualitative and ontological differences are given insufficient attention. Some key models and constructs