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Facial expressions, Man/Woman.

Emotion Extraction from Facial Expressions by Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Nowadays, there is no application area in which Artificial Intelligence oriented solutions are not employed. It is possible to see its use in even daily life and the solution scope of this scientific field of the future is growing day by day. Because of its great advantages in analyzing the

Selecting Operations for Assembler Encoding

Assembler Encoding is a neuro-evolutionary method in which a neural network is represented in the form of a simple program called Assembler Encoding Program. The task of the program is to create the so-called Network Definition Matrix which maintains all the information necessary to construct the network. To generate Assembler

Impact of Ethnic Group on Human Emotion Recognition Using Backpropagation Neural Network

We claim that knowing the ethnic group of human would increase the accuracy of the emotion recognition. This is due to the difference between the face appearances and expressions of various ethnic groups. To test our claim, we developed an approach based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) using backpropgation algorithm

ANNSVM: A Novel Method for Graph-Type Classification by Utilization of Fourier Transformation, Wavelet Transformation, and Hough Transformation

Image classification plays a vital role in many areas of study, such as data mining and image processing; however, serious problems collectively referred to as the course of dimensionality have been encountered in previous studies as factors that reduce system performance. Furthermore, we also confront the problem of different graph

BRAIN: Artificial Intelligence as a Decision-making Tool in Planning the Research

Because of their ability to reproduce the biological neural networks, ANNs (Artificial neural networks) have found uncountable applications to a wide range of disciplines. Simina Maris, Titus Slavici, Petre Nenu and Liliana Baciu will present in the latest volume of BRAIN journal an article about the usage of artificial intelligence,