Can Facebook Help You Become Mayor? Case Study: BacãU, 2016

Cleverly used in political communication, Facebook helps candidates to raise their visibility, to directly communicate with the citizens and involve them in creating virtual communities and content in order to virally promote political messages. In our study we briefly present the way in which Facebook was used, timidly at first,

Novel Ontologies-Based Optical Character Recognition-Error Correction Cooperating with Graph Component Extraction

Extracting graph information clearly contributes to readers, who are interested in graph information interpretation, because we can obtain significant information presenting in the graph. A typical tool used to transform image-based characters to computer editable characters is optical character recognition (OCR). Unfortunately, OCR cannot guarantee perfect results, because it is

Is There a Relationship Between Consciousness and Epilepsy?

The aim of this article is to describe the relationship between consciousness and epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which can be seen all over the world. It can be diagnosed by the brain’s electrical activity (EEG). The determination of epileptic attacks by EEG signals is quite common in both

The Role of the Conceptual Invariants Regarding the Prevention of the Software Artefacts’ Obsolescence

The paper presents a series of considerations regarding the role of the conceptual invariants concerning the prevention of the artefacts’ obsolescence, with an emphasis on the software engineering. The concept of artefact has the meaning that is defined in (Bocu & Bocu, 2016). The emphasizing of the invariants’ role has

Conscience in Language Teaching and Its Relationship with Language Proficiency and Emotional Intelligence of Efl Teachers

The present study aimed to explore the relationship among Iranian EFL teachers’ language teaching conscience, language proficiency, and emotional intelligence. To this purpose, 82 homogenized language teachers, M.A. students and M.A. holders in TEFL, English literature, and English translation, both males and females, were taken as the participants.  The result

The Differences Between Emergentism & Skill Acquisition Theory

Although both emergentism and skill acquisition theory developed in the same field (cognitive theories) and as an attempt to replace Universal grammar-based approaches, there are some differences between these two theories. The differences lie under their different models of knowledge representation and their diverse degree of emphasis on the role

Solving Optimization Problems via Vortex Optimization Algorithm and Cognitive Development Optimization Algorithm

In the fields which require finding the most appropriate value, optimization became a vital approach to employ effective solutions. With the use of optimization techniques, many different fields in the modern life have found solutions to their real-world based problems. In this context, classical optimization techniques have had an important

The Status of Positive Psychology Strengths Within the Romanian School in the Digital Society

The aim of this study is to identify the possible correlations between the strengths that are taught in school and those which are necessary for reaching personal success. In order to test the extent to which these strengths correlate, we applied a psychological-assessment tool composed of 24 strengths with a

An Energy-Saving Concept of the Smart Building Power Grid with Separated Lines for Standby Devices

Standby power takes 5-10 % of the residential electricity around the world. Some countries lose more than 14 % of the total electricity used in the residential sector. Hence, a new energysaving concept that could help to decrease the power losses is discussed in this paper. Firstly, the two power lines of infrastructure