Electrophysiological Neuroimaging Using Sloreta Comparing 100 Schizophrenia Patients to 48 Patients with Major Depression

In this retrospective of electroencephalograms were to identify a surrogate biomarker for the Dopamine D2 receptors in the brain by comparing patients diagnosed with Schizophrenia taking Atypical Antipsychotics to Depressive patients medicated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. To achieve this, thirty-seconds of resting EEG were spectrally transformed in sLORETA. Three-dimensional statistical non-paramentric maps (SnPM)

Isolating the Norepinephrine Pathway Comparing Lithium in Bipolar Patients to Ssris in Depressive Patients

Introduction: The purpose of this investigatory neuroimaging analysis was done to better understand the pharmacodynamics of Lithium by isolating the norepinephrine pathway in the brain. To accomplish this, we compared patients with Bipolar Disorder treated with Lithium to patients diagnosed with Major Depression or Depressive Disorder who are treated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

Training Teachers for the Knowledge Society: Social Media in Science Education

Internet and social media (SM) have revolutionized the way scientific information is disseminated within our society. Nowadays professional and/or social networks are increasingly used for learning and informal science education successfully supplements the formal one at all educational levels. Students become addicted to technology from an early age and consistently use SM for

Generation Y Students in Social Media: What Do We Know About Them?

The purpose of this study is to estimate what we know about Generation Y students’ behavior in Social Media (SM), especially in our country. The correct identification of their traits is crucial for the academic community, primarily from the perspective of understanding their real needs, as beneficiaries of teaching act, followed by a

Classification of Human Emotion from Deap Eeg Signal Using Hybrid Improved Neural Networks with Cuckoo Search

Emotions are very important in human decision handling, interaction and cognitive process. In this paper describes that recognize the human emotions from DEAP EEG dataset with different kind of methods. Audio – video based stimuli is used to extract the emotions. EEG signal is divided into different bands using discrete wavelet transformation with

Browsing Semantic Data in Slovakia

Semantic data browsing is important task for open and governmental data in behalf of public control. There are many projects and solutions regarding semantic data browsing and navigation, but despite the fact, in Slovakia, the availability of such data is poor. It is a shame, because projects like National Action Plan of Open

Efficient Filtering of Noisy Fingerprint Images

Fingerprint identification is an important field in the wide domain of biometrics with many applications, in different areas such: judicial, mobile phones, access systems, airports. There are many elaborated algorithms for fingerprint identification, but none of them can guarantee that the results of identification are always 100 % accurate. A first step in

How to Mix the Ingredients for a Blended Course Recipe

Over the last years, the growing ubiquity of Social Media, the emerging mobile technologies and the augmented reality become more deeply integrated into the teaching-learning process and also create new opportunities for reinventing the way in which educational actors both perceive and access learning. The major challenges in education that

Study of a Random Navigation on the Web Using Software Simulation

The general information about the World Wide Web are especially nowadays useful in all types of communications. The most used model for simulating the functioning of the web is through the hypergraph. The surfer model was chosen from the known algorithms used for web navigation in this simulation. The main