Educational Research on the Technological Dimension of Private Life

The goal of this study consists in analyzing the technological dimension of private life in school. It deals with an observational research on curricula documents and the perception of high school teenagers and teachers of this dimension as developed in the Romanian educational system. The main objectives of this research

A Proposed Data Driven Architecture for Cardiology Network Application

The paper presents a framework for a distributed medical system meant to bring a modern approach and inhance the quality of medical services offered to chronicle patients with cardio-vascular diseases, through the latest IT&C technologies. The proposed system provides online interaction between the main actors of a medical system: patients,

A Hybrid Heuristic for Solving the Triangulation Problem

The Triangulation Problem consists in finding a simultaneous permutation of rows and columns of a given square matrix, so that the sum of the upper-diagonal entries is maximal. The researchers study this problem intensively, as it has major applications in broad domains. A new hybrid Ant Colony Optimization algorithm is

An Excursion into the Medical Activity of Doctor Gheorghe Marinescu

Gheorghe Marinescu (February 28, 1863, Bucharest – May 15, 1938, Bucharest) was a Romanian neurologist, founder of the Romanian School of Neurology.     Articles on the web Romania’s government faces no-confidence vote Musicians honor ‘absolute’ composer Former court poet to Ceausescu, nationalist politician, dies 4th baby dies in

Questions Regarding Alterity in Social Collaborative Networks

The idea of alterity has become important in the last decades, when talking about the Information Age, which provides acknowledgement to the software development specialists about the importance of understanding the other’s behavior, needs, objectives and beliefs. Our main purpose is to bring to attention the question of social representation

Intelligent Agent for Acquisition of the Mother Tongue Vocabulary

This paper describes the following: firstly, the basic ideas of a system that simulate how we consider that a child acquires the mother tongue vocabulary and makes the correspondences between objects, words and senses; secondly: the mechanism for a system that can learn the mother tongue vocabulary using observations and,

Optimization of Distributed Systems Using Multi-Agent Systems with Virtual Time

The fusion of Artificial Intelligence and Real Time areas has proven to be quite a clever movement, similar to the movement associated to check in chess (lets not go that far as checkmate, considering that the area of Informatics is quite slippery when it comes to updates). Artificial Intelligence provides