The Relationship Between Test Takers’ Multiple Intelligences and Their Performance on the Reading Sections of Toefl and Ielts

The present study aimed at investigating the hypothetical relationship between the multiple intelligences of test takers and their performance on the reading sections of TOEFL and IELTS. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests that intelligence is not a single and solely inborn capacity, rather a multiple construct which is

Design of an Action Selection Mechanism for Cooperative Soccer Robots Based on Fuzzy Decision Making Algorithm

Robocup is an international competition for multi agent research and related subject like: Artificial intelligence, Image processing, machine learning, robot path planning, control, and obstacle avoidance. In a soccer robot game, the environment is highly competitive and dynamic. In order to work in the dynamically changing environment, the decision-making system

Henric Sanielevici – from Literary Criticism to Anatomy or How Does the Size of the Skull Influence Literature?

The aim of the present paper is to deal with the relationship between literary criticism and anatomy. To be more precise it will discuss one of Henric Sanielevici’s theories, according to which the literary text can only be understood by taking into account the color of the eyes, the conformatioan

Psychological-Mystical Aspects at St. Evagrius Ponticus and St. Maximus the Confessor

The current paper presents some psychological-mystical aspects at the Holy Fathers Evagrius Ponticus and Maximus the Confessor.   Articles on the web Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins most overlooked in our times Archpastoral Message of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Jonah Weep and convert: abortion in Ireland one

Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

The procedures of searching solutions to problems, in Artificial Intelligence, can be brought about, in many occasions, without knowledge of the Domain, and in other situations, with knowledge of it. This last procedure is usually called Heuristic Search. In such methods the matrix techniques reveal themselves as essential. Their introduction

The Neuroscience of Teaching Narratives: Facilitating Social and Emotional Development

Humanities and the sciences have long been considered polar opposites that exist in separate realms of academia and require different cognitive skills. However, neuroscience has brought about renewed interest in what we can learn about the human brain by investigating links between disciplines. For example, studies related to English literature

State of the Art: Signature Biometrics Verification

This paper presents a comparative analysis of the performance of three estimation algorithms: Expectation Maximization (EM), Greedy EM Algorithm (GEM) and Figueiredo-Jain Algorithm (FJ) – based on the Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) for signature biometrics verification. The simulation results have shown significant performance achievements. The test performance of EER=5.49 %