New Combined Scoring System for Predicting Respiratory Failure in Iraqi Patients With Guillain-Barré Syndrome

The Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an acute post-infective autoimmune polyradiculoneuropathy, it is the commonest peripheral neuropathy causing respiratory failure. The aim of the study is to use the New Combined Scoring System in anticipating respiratory failure in order to perform elective measures without waiting for emergency situations to occur. Patients

Categorial Ontology of Complex Systems, Meta-Systems and Levels: The Emergence of Life, Human Consciousness and Society

Relational structures of organisms and the human mind are naturally represented in terms of novel variable topology concepts, non-Abelian categories and Higher Dimensional Algebra{ relatively new concepts that would be defined in this tutorial paper. A unifying theme of local-to-global approaches to organismic development, evolution and human consciousness leads to

Some Consequences of the Complexity of Intelligent Prediction

What is the relationship between the complexity of a learner and the randomness of his mistakes? This question was posed in [4] who showed that the more complex the learner the higher the possibility that his mistakes deviate from a true random sequence. In the current paper we report on

Mapping Between Semantic Graphs and Sentences in Grammar Induction System

The proposed transformation module performs mapping between two different knowledge representation forms used in grammar induction systems. The kernel knowledge representation form is a special predicate centered conceptual graph called ECG. The ECG provides a semantic-based, language independent description of the environment. The other base representation form is some kind

Data Mining Learning Models and Algorithms on a Scada System Data Repository

This paper presents three data mining techniques applied on a SCADA system data repository: Naijve Bayes, k-Nearest Neighbor and Decision Trees. A conclusion that k-Nearest Neighbor is a suitable method to classify the large amount of data considered is made finally according to the mining result and its reasonable explanation.

Study of the Formulation and Preparation of Chewable Tablets With a Calcium Complex Association and Vitamin D3

The experimental study objective was the development of chewable tablets with the calcium complex association, the minerals and vitamin D3 for children, subject to the rules as stipulated by the Romanian Pharmacopoeia Xth edition. Generating sources of calcium, used as raw materials in the preparation of these tablets are natural

The Cognitive Complexity in Modelling the Group Decision Process

The paper investigates for some basic contextual factors (such us the problem complexity, the users’ creativity and the problem space complexity) the cognitive complexity associated with modelling the group decision processes (GDP) in e-meetings. The analysis is done by conducting a socio-simulation experiment for an envisioned collaborative software tool that

Optimization Problems on Threshold Graphs

During the last three decades, different types of decompositions have been processed in the field of graph theory. Among these we mention: decompositions based on the additivity of some characteristics of the graph, decompositions where the adjacency law between the subsets of the partition is known, decompositions where the subgraph

Studies Towards Obtaining a Photoprotective Dermo-Cosmetic Complex Product With Natura Extracts of Inorganic and Organic Substances

Photoprotective products are considered borderline between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals due to physiological implications they have on skin health considering the environmental changes (radiations, global warming, and the diminished ozone layer) and due to the high demands regarding the balance between the e±cacy and the safety of the consumer. The studies