Le role de la langue roumaine dans le processus d’internationalisation de l’enseignement superieur roumain

The aim of this article is to examine the role of the Romanian language in relation to the discourse and processes of internationalization and globalization in the context of Romanian higher education system. More precisely, through this research project we analyze the way in which the Romanian language can be

Freedom – a Way of Surviving in the Novel “Everything Flows”

The present study focuses on the way in which a great humanist, the Russian writer Vasily Grossman, succeeds in understanding ‘his century’, the century of the totalitarian regimes which denied and suppressed one of the most important human values: freedom. In his novel Everything Flows, Grossman concentrates on the idea

“A Splendid Isolation?” the Rise of a Concept in Victorian Identity

The last decade of the nineteenth century coincides with the appearance of a new phrase in the Victorian press, that of a “splendid isolation”. In 1894, after prime-minister Rosebery’s speech in Cows regarding the possibility of an anglo-german alliance, a real media scandal broke out between the British newspapers Standard and

Dynamique De L’Affranchissement D’Une Partie Du Discours: L’Adjectif en FrançAis

Our research focuses on the analysis of adjectival behaviour along the evolution from free combinations, where the adjective modifies a noun, to free forms where the adjective leaves its nominal support and becomes a modifier of itself (nominalization) or a verbal modifier (adverbialization). We have studied the evolution of the

The Evolution of Na in Bantu Languages

The link word na in Bantu languages has been identified as one of the forms inherited from the ancestral language, commonly known as Proto-Bantu (Guthrie, 1971; Greenberg,1948; Meeussen, 1969). This form has been reconstructed in Proto-Bantu with the meaning of “and” and “with”. Its main role has been recognized as

From Passion to Cynism in Peter Shaffer’s Equus

The present paper aims to offer an overview of Dixon’s From Passions to Emotions: The Creation of a Secular Psychological Category and Pugmire’s Sound Sentiments: Integrity in the Emotions, emphasizing the historical evolution and descent of emotions into abstract secularization and the nature of emotional vices, respectively. The theoretical background