A New Concept of Marketing: the Emotional Marketing

Nowadays, in the marketing area, a new concept of marketing is emerging: the emotional marketing. The emotional marketing studies how to arouse emotions in people to induce them to buy that particular produc/service. Recent studies shown how purchasing choices and decisions are the result of a careful analysis of rational

Education in Accounting Using an Interactive System

This paper represents a summary of a research report and the results of developing an educational software, including a multi-agent system for teaching accounting bases and financial accounting. The paper describes the structure of the multi-agent system, defined as a complex network of s-agents. Each s-agent contains 6 pedagogical agents

Business Ethics in Third World Countries. a Romanian Representative Case: RoşIa Montană

Roşia Montană case became representative by its complexity, considering the interaction of the economic with other social sectors on one hand, and on the other hand, considering the context of a economy on the globalization edge in a South-eastern European country ‘rebuilt’ after 1989 and in a permanent ‘reform’ of

Accounting Knowledge Representation in Prolog Language

This paper presents some original techniques for implementing accounting knowledge in PROLOG language. We will represent rules of operation of accounts, the texts of accounting operations, and how to compute the depreciation. Bogdan Patrut https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brand/article/view/67 Articles on the web How To Reset your Tinder Account Kano Accountant-General resigns Twitter Bans

Algorithm for Financial Derivatives Evaluation in Generalized Double-Heston Model

This paper shows how can be estimated the value of an option if we assume the double-Heston model on a message-based architecture. For path trace simulation we will discretize continous model with an Euler division of time. Tiberiu Socaciu https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brand/article/view/55     Articles on the web URC’s New Home Automation

Knowledge Representation in the Context of E-Business Applications

The article emphasizes the theoretical principles of knowledge representation. The paper also tries to show how to represent knowledge in the context of e-business applications creating a tagging platform for economic knowledge using SKOS language. Simona-Elena Vârlan https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brand/article/view/52 Articles on the web AI: Revelations BioLingua: a programmable knowledge environment for

Empowerment in a Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

The issue of power has always existed in literature and it also appears in children and young adult literature. Fiction for young adults addresses subjects which people are faced with in everyday life and writers of such fiction try to make use of tangible topics to give a voice to

Chronicling the Pain of Conflict-Hit Kashmiris: a Study of Mirza Waheed’s the Book of Gold Leaves

Kashmir being the most militarised zone in the world, has suffered miserably and its people are the most victimised as they are the worst casualties of conflict. Mirza Waheed being one of the native writers in contemporary times to speak of Kashmiris captures the painfully scattered lives of these traumatised