Re-Shaping Education: Role of Internet Resources in Increasing the Efficiency of the Educational Process

Today’s lifestyle puts an increasing accent on internet resources. In order to increase its efficiency, the educational process should also include internet resources. This work presents different internet resources (online courses and tutorials, social media, online games) and analyses their efficiency in training students. Simina Maris, Stefan Alfred Maris, Luisa

Ethnolinguistic Audio-Visual Atlas of the Cultural Food Heritage of BacăU County – Elements of Methodology

The paper aims to present the methodology of the platform “Ethnolinguistic audio-visual atlas of the cultural food heritage of Bacӑu County – eCULTFOOD Atlas”, the main product of the project The Digitization of the Cultural Food Heritage. The Region of Bacău – eCULTFOOD (PNIII-P2-2.1-BG-2016-0390). The platform eCULTFOOD Atlas is a

The Role of Language in Teaching and Learning Mathematics

In this paper we discuss the role of language in the process of teaching and learning mathematics. We begin with the definition of mathematics by Cassiodorus (in its essential features repeated in the famous Kolmogorov’s article “Mathematics” from the “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” and explored in the author’s book Humanitarian oriented

Self-Regulation in Critical Thinking Skills of Buddhist Teenagers for Solving Problems in Indonesia

Teenagers are age-prone to new problems that arise in day life. In the face of problems in Buddhism, adolescents are taught to be independent from early adolescence to dealing with various problems in their lives. The adolescent in the Buddhist teenagers’ has the independence ability taught in the Buddhist theory

Classification Algorithms of Data Mining Applied for Demographic Processes

Data mining is a generous field for researchers due to its various approaches on knowledge discovery in enormous volumes of data that are stored in different formats. At present, data are widely used all over the world, covering areas such as: education, industry, medicine, banking, inssurance companies, research laboratories, business,

Design of N-Way Dbn Classifier and Auto Encoder for Facial Similarity

Recognizing a face is a routine task for human perception system, whereas building a similar computational model for Face recognition with 100% accuracy is quite challenging. This work is rich in terms of theory, literature, and experimentation with a novel approach towards face similarity technology. The paper concentrates on the

Extending the Storage Capacity and Noise Reduction of a Faster Qr-Code

Quick Response Code has been widely used in the automatic identification fields (Liu, Ju, & Mingjun, 2008). The present work illustrates an image processing system able to discover, split and decodes the most common 2D symbol used in bar code applications. The different symbol is processed by manipulating their similarities,

Teachers’ Beliefs in Balancing Linguistic Competence and Teaching Performance in Efl Classrooms

Linguistic competence and teaching performance among English teachers in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classrooms have been at the center of linguists’ discussion, both theoretical and applied in the 21st century. This study attempts to examine the importance of balancing linguistic competence and teaching performance in learning and teaching

Multi-Layer Analysis Regarding Massive Online Open Courses Attractiveness Towards Academic Environment

Starting 2008 there was developed a new concept regarding eLearning – Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC). Its rapid growth is also reflected in research and development activities. In the current paper, we have attempted to analyze this academic interest between 2008 and 2016. A number of 3264 articles were collected