Automatic Anthropometric System Development Using Machine Learning

The contactless automatic anthropometric system is proposed for the reconstruction of the 3D-model of the human body using the conventional smartphone. Our approach involves three main steps. The first step is the extraction of 12 anthropological features. Then we determine the most important features. Finally, we employ these features to

Two New Software Behavioral Design Patterns: Obligation Link and History Reminder

Finding proper design patterns has always been an important research topic in the software engineering community. One of the main responsibilities of the software developers is to determine which design pattern fits best to solve a particular problem. Design patterns support the effort of exploring the use of artificial intelligence

The Effect of Caretakers’ Frequency and Positional Saliency on Noun Bias in Persian Children: a Study on Child Language Development

Noun bias in children’s early vocabulary development is a long-held belief. The present study intended to examine the correlation between the input features like frequency and positional saliency in infant-directed speech and the noun bias characteristic of infants in their early child lexical development. To this purpose, the utterances of

The Interplay Among Emotional Intelligence, Classroom Management, and Language Proficiency of Iranian EFL Teachers

The present study was an attempt to investigate the interplay among Iranian EFL teachers’ emotional intelligence, classroom management, and their general English language proficiency. The result of the data analysis showed that: 1) there was a statistically significant relationship between the emotional intelligence and the classroom management of Iranian EFL

The Presence and Activity on Facebook of the Informative Travel Organizations in Romania

In the context of a general increase in tourism activity and in the number of trips, and given that the consumption preferences of tourists are changing rapidly, the need for information becomes urgent and there is a concomitant development of public and private organizations involved in providing the necessary information

From OER to Open Education: Perceptions of Student Teachers After Creating Digital Stories with Creative Common Resources

The current study explores the perceptions of three groups of student teachers in Spain after having used open licensed resources to construct their storytelling artifacts as OER. The theoretical framework briefly reviews the concept of Open Education and OER and the affordance and drawbacks previously observed in research. Data is

Redesigning a Flexible Material Master Data Application with Language Dependency

Based on some inconveniences identified within a material master data application of the SAP MM module, the current paper proposes an alternative technical solution for designing the popup layout screen of the material master data application with respect to language dependency. The application should present the text of all tabs,

Motor Imagery Signal Classification for Bci System Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Bandpower Feature Extraction

The idea that brain activity could be used as a communication channel has rapidly developed. Indeed, Electroencephalography (EEG) is the most common technique to measure the brain activity on the scalp and in real-time. In this study we examine the use of EEG signals in Brain Computer Interface (BCI). This

Romanian Campaigns on Corporate Social Responsibility – Signs of Globalization

Organizations play an important role in the development of the modern society since managers have become aware that financial profit highly depends on community involvement. The active participation of organizations in community life implies to adapt global strategies to local issues or to promote local issues at a global level.