Discrete Wavelet Transform Method: a New Optimized Robust Digital Image Watermarking Scheme

In this paper, a wavelet-based logo watermarking scheme is presented. The logo watermark is embedded into all sub-blocks of the LLn sub-band of the transformed host image, using quantization technique. Extracted logos from all sub-blocks are mixed to make the extracted watermark from distorted watermarked image. Knowing the quantization step-size,

Data Conflict Resolution Among Same Entities in Web of Data

With the growing amount of published RDF datasets on similar domains, data conflict between similar entities (same-as) is becoming a common problem for Web of Data applications. In this paper we propose an algorithm to detect conflict of same properties values of similar entities and select the most accurate value.

Design & Development of a Software System for Swarm Intelligence Based Research Studies

This paper introduce a software system including widely-used Swarm Intelligence algorithms or approaches to be used for the related scientific research studies associated with the subject area. The programmatic infrastructure of the system allows working on a fast, easy-to-use, interactive platform to perform Swarm Intelligence based studies in a more

Aiden: a Density Conscious Artificial Immune System for Automatic Discovery of Arbitrary Shape Clusters in Spatial Patterns

Recent efforts in modeling of dynamics of the natural immune cells leading to artificial immune systems (AIS) have ignited contemporary research interest in finding out its analogies to real world problems. The AIS models have been vastly exploited to develop dependable robust solutions to clustering. Most of the traditional clustering

Critical Thinking in Higher Education: Unfulfilled Expectations

Success in adult life and effective functioning in education depends among other things on critical thinking. The present study consisted of two parts. First, critical thinking (CT) skill of a group of 68 students majoring in education in Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch was evaluated. The participants, divided into two

Learners Test Performance and Gardner`S Mi Theory: Intercorrelation in a Bilingual Context

Although decisions and inferences made based on test scores depend both on the characteristics of test takers and testing environment, the former seems to have the most overriding importance. The present study which was conducted in a bilingual environment is in line with this assumption and is aimed at investigating

A Critical Look at the Status of Affect in Second Language Acquisition Research: Lessons from Vygotsky’s Legacy

The phenomenon of affect and its relationship to second language learning is well-known and has been experienced by most language learners. One of the main debates that has recently appeared in the Second Language Acquisition (SLA) literature is related to the status of affective factors in this domain. The present

The Teacher-Student Communication Pattern: a Need to Follow?

This study is intended to investigate the teacher-student communication patterns in an upperintermediate English class. There are major questions in this study; (a) what the nature of interaction is in a foreign language classroom, (b) what the characteristics of teacher-student turn taking are, (c) what type of feedback is taken

Self-Initiated Self-Repair Attempts by Japanese High School Learners While Speaking English

In Japanese high school English classes, students are often left to have interactions or perform communicative activities not with a teacher but with other students due to a large class size. In the situation, students are ideally notice their own insufficient utterances in order to carry out self-initiated self-repair. This