High vs. Low Load Vocabulary Learning Tasks: a Case for Intentional Learning

The present study aimed at investigating whether the amount of task-induced involvement load has any effects on the immediate and delayed retentions of words in an intentional learning environment. To meet this end, two groups of college students were selected as the participants of the study. The immediate and delayed

Neuroevolution Mechanism for Hidden Markov Model

Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is a statistical model based on probabilities. HMM is becoming one of the major models involved in many applications such as natural language processing, handwritten recognition, image processing, prediction systems and many more. In this research we are concerned with finding out the best HMM for

Neurolinguistics Aspects of Second Language Acquisition

Fundamental breakthroughs in the neurosciences, combined with technical innovations for measuring brain activity, are shedding new light on the neural basis of second language (L2) processing, and on its relationship to native language processing (L1) (Perani & Abutalebi, 2005).  Over the past two decades, a large body of neuroimaging studies

Design and Development a Control and Monitoring System for Greenhouse Conditions Based-On Multi Agent System

The design of a multi-agent system for integrated management of greenhouse production is described. The model supports the integrated greenhouse production, with targets set to quality and quantity of produce with the minimum possible cost in resources and environmental consequences. In this paper, we propose a real time and robust

Impact of Ethnic Group on Human Emotion Recognition Using Backpropagation Neural Network

We claim that knowing the ethnic group of human would increase the accuracy of the emotion recognition. This is due to the difference between the face appearances and expressions of various ethnic groups. To test our claim, we developed an approach based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) using backpropgation algorithm

Design and Implementation of a Fully Autonomous Uav’s Navigator Based on Omni-Directional Vision System

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are the subject of an increasing interest in many applications . UAVs are seeing more widespread use in military, scenic, and civilian sectors in recent years. Autonomy is one of the major advantages of these vehicles. It is then necessary to develop particular sensor in order

Connectionist Models: Implications in Second Language Acquisition

In language acquisition, ‘Emergentists’ claim that simple learning mechanisms, of the kind attested elsewhere in cognition, are sufficient to bring about the emergence of complex language representations (Gregg, 2003). Connectionist model is one of the models among others proposed by emergentists. This paper attempts to clarify the basic assumptions of

The Effect of English Learning Anxiety on Iranian High-School Students’ English Language Achievement

The present study explored English language learning anxiety among 38 third-year high school students in English classrooms and its relationship with overall English achievement. Students’ foreign language anxiety was surveyed and analyzed using the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale (Horwitz, Horwitz, & Cope, 1986) [14] and their English achievement was