A Delphi Application for the Syntactic and Lexical Analysis of a Phrase Using Cocke, Kasami and Younger Algorithm

This paper focuses on the Cocke, Younger, and Kasami (CYK) algorithm. We present a Delphi application that analyzes the lexicon and the syntax of a sentence in Romanian. We use a Chomsky normal form (CNF) grammar. We will present the source of a Delphi implementation of the CYK algorithm. https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brain/article/view/22

Knowledge Fusion in Academic Networks

Academic networks can represent a new model for learning based on knowledge fusion. In the current paper we present an approach to the academic network design that brings together expertise of academic trainers and practitioners, and opens new paths in knowledge distribution. The academic networks that we consider are mathematically

The Factors of Intelligence Development and Individual Performance

The study presents some approaches to the factors, composition and measurement of human intelligence. Thus, within the psychometric approach, there is clear evidence that intelligence is more influenced by the genetic heritage of the person than by the cultural heritage of society. The conclusion of some researches on intelligence assessment

State of the Art: Solution Concepts for Coalitional Games

This paper investigates solution concepts for coalitional games. Several solution concepts are characterized, such as the core, Shapley value, bargaining set, stable set, nucleolus, and kernel. We look at recent developments of succinct representations of coalitional games, such as weighted voting games, coalitional resource games, cooperative boolean games, and marginal

Thinking Soap but Speaking ‘Oaps’. the Sound Preparation Period: Backward Calculation from Utterance to Muscle Innervation

In this article’s model—on speech and on speech errors, dyscoordinations, and disorders—, the time-course from the muscle innervation impetuses to the utterance of sounds as intended for canonical speech sound sequences is calculated backward. This time-course is shown as the sum of all the known physiological durations of speech sounds

Computer-Based Programs in Speech Therapy of Dyslalia and Dyslexia- Dysgraphia

During the last years, the researchers and therapists in speech therapy have been more and more concerned with the elaboration and use of computer programs in speech disorders therapy. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic effectiveness of computer-based programs for the Romanian language in speech

Selecting Operations for Assembler Encoding

Assembler Encoding is a neuro-evolutionary method in which a neural network is represented in the form of a simple program called Assembler Encoding Program. The task of the program is to create the so-called Network Definition Matrix which maintains all the information necessary to construct the network. To generate Assembler