Application of T-Cherry Junction Trees in Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition aims to classify data (patterns) based ei-ther on a priori knowledge or on statistical information extracted from the data. In this paper we will concentrate on statistical pattern recognition using a new probabilistic approach which makes possible to select the so called ‘informative’ features. We develop a pattern

On the (Colored) Yang-Baxter Equation

The quantum Yang-Baxter equation ¯rst appeared in theoretical physics and statistical mechanics. Afterwards, it has proved to be important also in knot theory, quantum groups, etc. This paper deals with the (colored) Yang-Baxter equation and computational methods. A new result about the set-theoretical Yang-Baxter equation is presented. Articles on

Modeling Self-Organizing Systems With Social Insects Algorithms

Self-organization is common in natural systems. This tutorial describes some of these systems, speci¯cally from insect societies like in bees, termites or ant colonies. In a first part, a modeling process is explained. Objects and phenomena targeted by these methods are presented. Natural or social complex systems are the context

On Converting Software Systems to Object Oriented Architectures

Object-oriented concepts are useful concerning the reuse of existing software. Therefore a transformation of procedural programs to objectoriented architectures becomes an important process to enhance the reuse of procedural programs. Moreover, it would be useful to assist by automatic methods the software developers in transforming procedural code into an equivalent

Lukasiewicz-Moisil Many-Valued Logic Algebra of Highly-Complex Systems

The fundamentals of Lukasiewicz-Moisil logic algebras and their applications to complex genetic network dynamics and highly complex systems are presented in the context of a categorical ontology theory of levels, Medical Bioinformatics and self-organizing, highly complex systems. Quantum Automata were defined in refs.[2] and [3] as generalized, probabilistic automata with

Some Notes About Artificial Intelligence As New Mathematical Tool

Mathematics is a mere instance of First-Order Predicate Calculus. Therefore it belongs to applied Monotonic Logic. So, we found the limitations of classical logic reasoning and the clear advantages of Fuzzy Logic and many other new interesting tools. We present here some of the more usefulness tools of this new

Modeling and Implementation of Omnidirectional Soccer Robot With Wide Vision Scope Applied in Robocup-Msl

The purpose of this paper is to design and implement a middle size soccer robot to conform RoboCup MSL league. First, according to the rules of RoboCup, we design the middle size soccer robot, The proposed autonomous soccer robot consists of the mechanical platform, motion control module, omni-directional vision module,

Design and Implementation an Autonomous Humanoid Robot Based on Fuzzy Rule-Based Motion Controller

Research on humanoid robotics in Mechatronics and Automation Laboratory, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University Khorasgan branch (Isfahan) of Iran was started at the beginning of this decade. Various research prototypes for humanoid robots have been designed and are going through evolution over these years. This paper describes the