The State Chart Metaphor for the Design of Collaborative Virtual Environments

Nowadays there are an increasing evolution of technological solutions providing the virtual collaboration among people geographically distributed to obtain some common goals. At the same time virtual collaborative environments are often used for learning purposes because increase the interaction among users. These systems are usually developed in a custom way

Mye-Wall: Design of a Web Portal Fully Customizable and Ontology Based

Web is a measureless growing information source. Here we could have the common user that surf the web for fun, and the particular user surfing the web to work, for instance, the financial analyst that hopes to find some financial information.These users are similar in their habit to visit ever

An Introduction to Dsmt in Information Fusion

The management and combination of uncertain, imprecise, fuzzy and even paradoxical or highly conflicting sources of information has always been, and still remains today, of primal importance for the development of reliable modern information systems involving artificial reasoning. In this introduction, we present a survey of our recent theory of

Computational Mathematics in Medicine

AI requires Logic. But its Classical version shows too many insufficiencies. So, it is very necessary to introduce more sophisticated tools, as may be Fuzzy Logic, Modal Logic, Non- Monotonic Logic, and so on [2]. Among the things that AI needs to represent are Categories, Objects, Properties, Relations between objects,

On the Relationship Between Input and Interaction Psycholinguistic, Cognitive, and Ecological Perspectives in SLA

Input is one of the most important elements in the process of second language acquisition (SLA). As Gass (1997) points out, second language learning simply cannot take place without input of some sort. Since then, specific issues have been actively debated in SLA on the nature of input and input

The Impact of Test Anxiety on Test Performance Among Iranian Efl Learners

As an affective factor, test-taking anxiety has been investigated in different contexts in the past two decades. However, the mixed results of the relationship between test-taking anxiety and L2 learners’ test performance show that the instrumentation for the assessment of test-taking anxiety and the factors comprising the construct of test-taking

Vocabulary Learning As the Predictor of Third-Grader Efl Learners’ Achievement: A Case for Translation

The purpose of the study was to formulate a model to predict the performance of Iranian high school third-graders on the End of the Course Achievement (ECA) tests through their performance on the vocabulary tests, which were administered throughout the course. To meet this end, thirty two learners – aging

Quo Vadis, Intelligent Machine?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. At least this was the original idea. However, it turned out that this is no task easy to be solved. This article aims to give a comprehensible review on the last 60 years of