Innovative Economy in Post-Crisis Age

The global economic crisis has shifted main attention to the role of innovative technologies in the forming of the innovation economy. Russian economy has been severely impacted by the crisis downslide. This was predetermined by the export-orientated nature of Russian economy. Manufacturing sector is poorly developed which contributes to Russia’s

Internal Marketing Practices and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from a Nigerian University Setting

This study investigated internal marketing practices and its relationship with job satisfaction in a Nigerian university environment. Results indicated internal marketing as having resultant effects on three major areas or components; understanding of organizational vision and values, quality delivery of external marketing as well as quality delivery of interactive marketing.

Using NLP Reframing, Metaprograme Methods for Improving the Activity of the Organization

The new method by increasing the adaptation speed to a context, through a slight transformation of the contextual meaning of words and by the optimization of the phases in which the actual process of reframing provides a closer connection between the person and context, a better adaptation to the language

Using Report, Mirroring, Alinging, Guidance Technique from NLP for Improving the Activity of the Organization

The new technique allows the construction and use of situational models, the optimization of the information collected, and secondly the reducing of application time of the information obtained and their application in a given context. Using keywords and cognitive processes will lead to the identification of resistances in the communication

Financial Derivatives (Based on Two Supports) Evaluation

In this paper we build a PDE like Black-Scholes equation in hypothesis of a financial derivative that is dependent on two supports (usual is dependent only on one support), like am option based on gold, when national currency has a great float. Tiberiu Socaciu   Articles on the web

A Framework for Selection of Intermediary in Marketing Channel

Purpose – This study seeks to examine how company can select the best intermediary for its Marketing channels with minimum of criteria and time. Design/methodology/approach – A theoretical framework is proposed based on the most importance tasks of intermediary and criteria for measuring them. There are four basic tasks and