A Variety of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. The Contract of Consumption

The right to consumption, which is imposed as a new law branch, corresponds to the increased need for juridical security felt by the modern world. Its imposition is also due to the “thirst” for goods manifested by the contemporary human individual, for whose protection are imposed new juridical regulations at

Legal Regulations Concerning Some Measures Taken to Accelerate the Settlement of the Processes in Romania

The small reform represented a significant step in the dynamics of the Romanian legal life. The amendments of the civil and criminal law prefigured the long waited big reform of the national legislation, to identify the mechanisms needed to accelerate the settlement of the processes as an essential coordinate of

Models of Economic Analysis

The article presents specific aspects of management and models for economic analysis. Thus, we present the main types of economic analysis: statistical analysis, dynamic analysis, static analysis, mathematical analysis, psychological analysis. Also we present the main object of the analysis: the technological activity analysis of a company, the analysis of

The International Market Retirement Funds – Future Trends

The current state of the global market pension was marked by the fact that pension systems in all countries have been strongly affected by the financial and economic crisis that broke out in the world, especially in 2008-2010. Its effects were felt primarily to pension schemes with defined contributions (DC),

A Study on the Relationship of Earnings and Cash Flows: Evidence of Finance Sector in Iran

The present study is investigating the quality of annual accounting earnings in banking firms that have been listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and it evaluates the most important information of accounting that is earnings and cash flows. The study also intends to investigate the relationship between earnings and cash

A Neuro Solution for Economic Diagnosis and Prediction

The paper present a solution for the economic activity evolution diagnostic and prediction by means of a set of indicators. Starting from the indicators set, there is defined a measure on the patterns set, measure representing a scalar value that characterizes the activity analyzed at each time moment. A pattern

About Multi-Heston Sde Discretization

Abstract: in this paper we show how can estimate a financial derivative based on a support if assume for the support a Multi-Heston model. Tiberiu Socaciu, Mirela Danubianu https://www.edusoft.ro/brain/index.php/brand/article/view/393 Articles on the web dYdX is a decentralized protocol for cryptocurrency derivatives

Using Reporting in the Internal Communication Process of the Company

Internal communication can be regarded either as a subsistent process of the organization, or as a process helping to decode and more easily understand them. Organizations are based on the internal communication process, because without it, information, ideas could not be sent, the organization’s goals and values could not be