Studies and Research on Caffeine Content of Various Products

Caffeine is a pharmacologically active component of many foods, beverages, dietary supplements, and drugs. Coffee and tea are among the best-known beverages in the world. Most people on a global scale consume coffee daily because of their caffeine-rich content. In addition to the benefits it exerts on the human body,

Segmentation of Heart Sounds by Re-Sampled Signal Energy Method

Auscultation, which means listening to heart sounds, is one of the most basic medical methods used by physicians to diagnose heart diseases. These voices provide considerable information about the pathological cardiac condition of arrhythmia, valve disorders, heart failure and other heart conditions. This is why cardiac sounds have a great

Emotion Extraction from Facial Expressions by Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Nowadays, there is no application area in which Artificial Intelligence oriented solutions are not employed. It is possible to see its use in even daily life and the solution scope of this scientific field of the future is growing day by day. Because of its great advantages in analyzing the

News Discourses on Nation Branding in Post-Communist Romania: Frames and Function Frames

Romania’s country image is one of the most controversial topics in the media over the past few years. Soon after the fall of communism in 1989, this issue became part of the public debate about the international perception of Romanian people, about the ways in which Romania is depicted in

Financial Failure Estimation of Companies in Bist Tourism Index by Altman Model and Its Effect on Market Prices

In this study, it is aimed to measure the negative effects of recent developments in the Turkish tourism sector on the financial failures of companies on Istanbul Stock Exchange tourism index. Financial tables of companies in the tourism sector during 2009-2016 period were analyzed with Altman Z Score Model and

A Study of Principled Negotiation Based on Transactional Analysis Theory

  The concept of “principled negotiation”, developed by Fisher and Ury in “Getting to Yes”, is one of the most influential approaches in current negotiation theory. However, it is important to recognize three critical academic issues aboutprincipled negotiation. (1) Why principled negotiation and positional bargaining (the method of principled negotiation

A #Col(L)Ectiv(E) Romanian Tragedy. a Case Study on Social Media Fighting Corruption

The fire occurred at the #Colectiv Club in the Romanian capital city, Bucharest, on October 31st, 2015 and caused 64 deaths. The reactions of all public institutions, which should have provided explanations to the public opinion, were delayed and incomplete. The aim of this study is to explain the role

The Effect of Used Information Technology, Internal Control, and Regional Accounting System on the Performance of City Governance Agency of Banda Aceh City, Indonesia

The purpose of this research is to examine the influence of utilization of information technology, internal control system, and regional financial accounting system on the performance of city government agencies in Banda Aceh city government, Indonesia. The population of the research is 39 city government agencies (SKPK) of Banda Aceh and by

The Influence of Organizational Commitment and Motivation in the Relationship Between Budget Participation and Managerial Performance (Empirical Study on Provincial Government Agencies ( Skpa) of Aceh Province, Indonesia)

The objective of research is to empirically examine the influence of organizational commitment and motivation in the relationship between budget participation and managerial performance of Provincial Government Agencies (SKPA) of Aceh Province. Total samples used in this study were 92 respondents who were in the position of Echelon III and IV in