LIBRI: The Creation of The Romanian Literary Language Theorized by Gheorghe Asachi

It is well known that the birth of both Romanian language and literature as we know and appreciate them today has its roots in the nineteenth century. Ph.D. Petra-Denisa Tcacenco, in the article entitled The Creation of The Romanian Literary Language Theorized by Gheorghe Asachi, aims to focus on a personality that had a major role in the development of Romanian language: Gheorghe Asachi.

Gheorghe Asachi

Known mostly as a poet, Asachi also dedicated himself to studies regarding the internal mechanisms of the Romanian language. He even got as far as consolidating his own point of view regarding the formation of the language. The article is based upon the prefaces of Gheorghe Asachi’s volumes and publications – all of them steps made with the purpose of creating a cultural identity.  Not only he was involved in cultural movements, but he also was in the middle of national resistance, for the nineteenth century was a time when foreign influences were seeping into the process of formation of Romanian language that in that time had neither grammatical rules, nor direction.

In literature, Asachi tried to impose a Latin model of poetry, for he had a humanist and open education. In order to synchronize Romanian with Latin and its inheritor, Italian, Gheorghe Asachi made travels in Italy in order to observe similarities between Romanian and Italian, both from a cultural and linguistic point of view. Based upon his observations he could draw conclusions about what was the best method to reinforce scientific principles at the very core of the modern Romanian language that was about to appear.

Gheorghe Asachi was always in the eye of the hurricane if we are to refer to his efforts in strengthening the Romanian language and civilization. His vision upon these matters was very enlightened for his time and his contribution to Romanian national identity is indisputable.

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