La relation entre les attitudes et la motivation des apprenants iraniens du fle, et le choix et l’utilisation des stratégies d’apprentissage

Board, French message.
Some studies (e.g. Bialystok 1979 and Wenden 1991) show a relationship
between attitude and choice of learning skills, and some others (e.g. Oxford
and Nyikos 1989) a causal link between motivation and use of learning
skills. It seems that a learner chooses a specific goal rather than another
depending on the level of his/her attitude, and the intensity of motivation
also derives from that of attitude. In this paper, we try to know if there is a
relationship between attitudes and motivation of Iranian learners, and thier
selection and use of learning skills, and if they use one or (the) strategy (s)
specific learning (s). To do so, a questionnaire related to ten learning skills
was used to assess the use of learning skills by Iranian learners of French at
the University of Isfahan, Iran. After analyzing the questionnaires using
SPSS, we found that there is a significant correlation between motivation and
attitude, and the frequency of use of learning skills, and that four in ten
learning skills were preferred by the learners. Consumers benefit from a
positive attitude to learning French, despite the low level of motivation.