Chronicling the Pain of Conflict-Hit Kashmiris: a Study of Mirza Waheed’s the Book of Gold Leaves

Military zone,soldier,weapon.

Kashmir being the most militarised zone in the world, has suffered miserably and its people are the most victimised as they are the worst casualties of conflict. Mirza Waheed being one of the native writers in contemporary times to speak of Kashmiris captures the painfully scattered lives of these traumatised people who are forced to live a difficult life. He gives the voice to the untold stories that are part of the conflict of Kashmir. Waheed writes with a palpable affection for Kashmir and its peoples and gives glimpses of dozens of people whose fragile, fascinating lives are so ruthlessly marred by this conundrum.

The present paper is a study on how his novel The Book of Gold Leaves is engaged with the tumult and violence prevalent in Kashmir and how well it depicts the pain and sufferings of the oppressed Kashmiris who have been suffering since the onset of insurgency, counter- insurgency and other gory happenings.

Mohd Nageen Rather