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Neuroethics, brain's physical support.

Could Neuroenhancement be an Ethical Approach in Social Practice?

Neuroethics is an interdisciplinary field of research aimed at understanding the consciousness and the mind through the relationship between it and the brain’s physical support. Among other things, the ethical perspective refers to the acceptability of the practices used to modify human behavior through interventions on the nervous system. Neuroethics

Heart description.

Segmentation of Heart Sounds by Re-Sampled Signal Energy Method

Auscultation, which means listening to heart sounds, is one of the most basic medical methods used by physicians to diagnose heart diseases. These voices provide considerable information about the pathological cardiac condition of arrhythmia, valve disorders, heart failure and other heart conditions. This is why cardiac sounds have a great

Formulation and Study of Some Controlled Release Tablets With Pentoxifylline Based on Hydroxypropylcellulose Matrix Obtained by Wet Granulation Method With Peg 6000

In this work three formulations of modified release tablets containing pentoxifylline 400 mg/tablet were obtained. Hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) in di®erent ratios was used as hydrophilic matrix agent. The pentoxifylline inclusion in the matrix has been carried out by water granulation, using PEG 6000 as binder. Tablets were obtained with a single

Preparation and Characterization of TIO2/Cds Layers As Potential Photoelectrocatalytic Materials

The TiO2/CdS semiconductor composites were prepared on indium tin oxide (ITO) substrates in di®erent mass proportions via wet-chemical techniques using bi-distilled water, acetyl-acetone, poly-propylene-glycol and Triton X-100 as additives. The composite layers were annealed in normal conditions at the temperature of 450±C, 120 min. with a rate of temperature increasing

The Respiratory Impedance in an Asymmetric Model of the Lung Structure

This paper presents a model of the respiratory tree as a recurrent, but asymmetric, structure. The intrinsic properties posed by such a system lead to a multi-fractal structure, i.e. a non-integer order model of the total impedance. The fractional order behavior of the asymmetric tree simulated as a dynamic system

Comparative Study of Single- and Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes With Application in Cerebral Aneurysm

Helping improve humanity is one of the promises of nanotechnology and nanomedicine. This paper will highlight some of the research findings in the nanomedicine area by testing some single- and multi-walls carbon nanotubues in rats cerebral aneurisms.

Mathematical Model for Tspp Drug-Delivery in Nanomedicine

Helping improve humanity is one of the promises of nanotechnology and nanomedicine. This paper will highlight some of the research findings in the nanomedicine area by creating a pharmacokinetic model of 5,10,15,20-tetra-(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin (TSPP) used as sensitizer in photodynamic therapy.

Mye-Wall: Design of a Web Portal Fully Customizable and Ontology Based

Web is a measureless growing information source. Here we could have the common user that surf the web for fun, and the particular user surfing the web to work, for instance, the financial analyst that hopes to find some financial information.These users are similar in their habit to visit ever

Computational Mathematics in Medicine

AI requires Logic. But its Classical version shows too many insufficiencies. So, it is very necessary to introduce more sophisticated tools, as may be Fuzzy Logic, Modal Logic, Non- Monotonic Logic, and so on [2]. Among the things that AI needs to represent are Categories, Objects, Properties, Relations between objects,