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The Interplay among EFL Teachers´ Teaching Experience, Critical Thinking, and Classroom Management

The purpose of this study is to seek the possible relationship between the classroom management, critical thinking, and years of teaching experience of Iranian EFL teachers. A total of 85 teachers (50 female and 35 male) ranging in age from 20 to 38 and varied in their ELT experience from

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Prototyping 3D Virtual Learning Environments with X3D-based Content and Visualization Tools

Over the last decade, learning settings on SecondLife or OpenSimulator 3D online platforms are employed as a distance service by virtualizing educational spaces or even an entire university campus. To immerse and engage the learners in a 3D space, architectural and ambient objects need to be designed, besides the transfer

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Perceptions of Romanian Students on Uses and Value of Educational Resources Shared via ICT . Case Study: Politehnica University Timisoara

In the technology-dense environment of the “Millennial generation”, the use of ICT for educational purposes is ineviTable. Students use multiple devices for communicating with peers and professors, for interaction with institutions, retrieve content, propose topics, and inquire for information at a pace and in a volume, that can be overwhelming

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Systematic Review of Technology-Based Psychoeducational Interventions for Language Disorders

The objective of the study is to examine interactive psychoeducational intervention technologies for language disorders. There were selected and analyzed studies centered on using interactive technologies in speech therapy published between 2007 and 2017. A total of 32 studies met the selection criteria. The analysis revealed a different rank regarding

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Synergy Between Formal and Non-Formal Learning Approaches in Teaching at University

Education is at the heart of sustainable development and is the key to the professional success of young people. In modern living conditions, the student needs a wide range of key competences to adapt successfully to the rapidly changing environment, and the rapid pace of development necessitates innovative approaches to

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Re-Shaping Education: Role of Internet Resources in Increasing the Efficiency of the Educational Process

Today’s lifestyle puts an increasing accent on internet resources. In order to increase its efficiency, the educational process should also include internet resources. This work presents different internet resources (online courses and tutorials, social media, online games) and analyses their efficiency in training students. Simina Maris, Stefan Alfred Maris, Luisa

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The Role of Language in Teaching and Learning Mathematics

In this paper we discuss the role of language in the process of teaching and learning mathematics. We begin with the definition of mathematics by Cassiodorus (in its essential features repeated in the famous Kolmogorov’s article “Mathematics” from the “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” and explored in the author’s book Humanitarian oriented

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Multi-Layer Analysis Regarding Massive Online Open Courses Attractiveness Towards Academic Environment

Starting 2008 there was developed a new concept regarding eLearning – Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC). Its rapid growth is also reflected in research and development activities. In the current paper, we have attempted to analyze this academic interest between 2008 and 2016. A number of 3264 articles were collected

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A Corpus Study on the Difference Between Moocs and Real Classes

In this paper, we take a look at how the language of Online classes (MOOCs) differs from those of real classes. Three corpora were created for this analysis; MOOC corpus, Lecture Capture corpus, and Philosophy Lecture Capture. Three factors were used in the study: Formality, Sentiment analysis, vocabulary analysis. Formality