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Teachers’ Beliefs in Balancing Linguistic Competence and Teaching Performance in Efl Classrooms

Linguistic competence and teaching performance among English teachers in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classrooms have been at the center of linguists’ discussion, both theoretical and applied in the 21st century. This study attempts to examine the importance of balancing linguistic competence and teaching performance in learning and teaching

News Discourses on Nation Branding in Post-Communist Romania: Frames and Function Frames

Romania’s country image is one of the most controversial topics in the media over the past few years. Soon after the fall of communism in 1989, this issue became part of the public debate about the international perception of Romanian people, about the ways in which Romania is depicted in


Financial Failure Estimation of Companies in Bist Tourism Index by Altman Model and Its Effect on Market Prices

In this study, it is aimed to measure the negative effects of recent developments in the Turkish tourism sector on the financial failures of companies on Istanbul Stock Exchange tourism index. Financial tables of companies in the tourism sector during 2009-2016 period were analyzed with Altman Z Score Model and

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A Study of Principled Negotiation Based on Transactional Analysis Theory

  The concept of “principled negotiation”, developed by Fisher and Ury in “Getting to Yes”, is one of the most influential approaches in current negotiation theory. However, it is important to recognize three critical academic issues aboutprincipled negotiation. (1) Why principled negotiation and positional bargaining (the method of principled negotiation

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The Effect of Used Information Technology, Internal Control, and Regional Accounting System on the Performance of City Governance Agency of Banda Aceh City, Indonesia

The purpose of this research is to examine the influence of utilization of information technology, internal control system, and regional financial accounting system on the performance of city government agencies in Banda Aceh city government, Indonesia. The population of the research is 39 city government agencies (SKPK) of Banda Aceh and by

The Influence of Organizational Commitment and Motivation in the Relationship Between Budget Participation and Managerial Performance (Empirical Study on Provincial Government Agencies ( Skpa) of Aceh Province, Indonesia)

The objective of research is to empirically examine the influence of organizational commitment and motivation in the relationship between budget participation and managerial performance of Provincial Government Agencies (SKPA) of Aceh Province. Total samples used in this study were 92 respondents who were in the position of Echelon III and IV in

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Symbolic Relationships in Advertisements

The advertisements prepare to the products they recommend a rich symbolic life. What symbolic breadth can be bestowed to a product? Do different product categories require different symbolic breadths? For some products, creatives want to eliminate every hesitation in the interpretation of the proposed meanings; for others, by the contrary, they propose

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A Study of Principled Negotiation Based on the Chinese Harmony Thought

Roger D. Fisher, a Harvard law professor and William Ury brought up principled negotiation in 1981 in “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement without Giving In”. For over thirty years, the method of principled negotiation has been the dominant formative approach to negotiation in the world. Since most of the literature

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The Notoriety of Brands on the Romanian Market Among Youth

Based on the results of a survey conducted among students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences of Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, this paper highlights the brands on the Romanian market that enjoys the highest reputation among young people, for certain categories of products: food products, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, personal