Business Ethics in Third World Countries. a Romanian Representative Case: RoşIa Montană

Bussines world.

Roşia Montană case became representative by its complexity, considering the interaction of the economic with other social sectors on one hand, and on the other hand, considering the context of a economy on the globalization edge in a South-eastern European country ‘rebuilt’ after 1989 and in a permanent ‘reform’ of 20 years, representative by the way the economics dictates to the politics, sealing the road to sustainable disaster in an “era of sustainable development”. Edifying symbol of the times that we live at the beginning of the XXIst century, maintaing the focus on the Romanian opened wound Roşia Montană is equivalent to a live lesson about the survival or the collapse of the (human) ecosystem. About the morality as a reality of another order than that of biological life and as a sine qua non condition of the humanity preservation.

Iuliana Zaharia