BRAND: Using Reporting in the Internal Communication Process of the Company

Internal communication can be viewed either as a subsistent procedure of the association, or as a procedure helping to decode and comprehend them more effectively .

The author, Cornel Marian Iosif states that associations depend on the inside correspondence process, on the grounds that without it, data, thoughts couldn’t be sent, the association’s objectives and qualities couldn’t be assembled, and its hierarchical society would just not exist. The inward correspondence procedure is fixated on sending thoughts, data in the association.

Component elements of the internal communication as well as its characteristics

This is specifically relative with the proficiency of the association. Internal communication takes into consideration the best choice to be taken, for data to be sent towards the inside of the organization, towards the representatives, additionally has the reason for reinforcing the relations between persons.

Internal correspondence has at its premise the verbal and non-verbal correspondence, however they have awesome impediments, in light of the fact that: verbal correspondence has misfortunes of data, relies on upon the snippet of transmission, additionally on the recipient.

Internal communication is the sum of all interactions between the members of an organization. Internal communication can be regarded either as a subsistent process of the organization, or as a process helping to decode and more easily understand them.

Organizations are based on the internal communication process, because without it, information, ideas could not be sent, the organization’s goals and values could not be built, and its organizational culture would simply not exist. Information in management has four roles: it measures success in the organization, the alarm signal, it supplies data for the analytical research, and it is at the base of the planning process.

As a win measuring instrument, data gives information in regards to the turnover, the benefit, and the components that constitute the establishment for the assessment of the whole association. As an alert sign, data exhibits the advancement of the association in a specific timeframe, in a specific setting.

Bits of data, particularly alert ones, must be predominantly coordinated towards supervisors with high driving positions, so they can take the best choice in the most brief time conceivable. As to research, data gives the administration every one of those dangers and opportunities from the environment that should be considered when taking a choice.

In connection to arranging, the bits of data must supply right and exact information, with the goal that future activities are as target and exact as could be expected under the circumstances. Other than the assets of the association: human, material, money related, we include the data ones, having the same worth as the others.

The inner correspondence procedure is focused on sending thoughts, data in the association. This is straightforwardly corresponding with the productivity of the association. Inside correspondence takes into account the best choice to be taken, for data to be sent towards the inside of the organization, towards the workers, additionally has the motivation behind fortifying the relations between persons.

Internal communication has at its basis the verbal and non-verbal communication, but they have great disadvantages, because: verbal communication has losses of information, depends on the moment of transmission, but also on the receiver. Non-verbal communication has as main disadvantages: instability of the sent messages, difficulty in decoding them, the need to have vast knowledge in interpretation.

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Diana-Elena Melinte