BRAND: Effect of Professionalism, Competence, Knowledge of Financial Management

In the latest volume of the BRAND, Darwanis Darwanis, Mulia Saputra and Kartini Kartini prove to what extent the condition of financial reporting area is influenced by the professionalism, competence, knowledge of financial management and coaching intensity Inspectorate officers.

Public liability was implemented as result of the numerous demands of the people for a better governing system. Multiple monitoring actions have been initiated, in order to ensure that the administrative programs are developing accordingly to legal norms and provisions of the legislation.

LKPD is mirroring the level of quality of financial accountability for the modalities of implementation of the budget. WTP opinion into WDP was accepted recurrently for the past two years. Public accountability has been largely promoted and applied by the central and local governments as a positive scheme for the budgetary implementation.

The information note made on the accounting term is the fiscal affidavit of a system, one of the purposes of this observation is to illustrate the efficiency of the system. The report established on the financial status and transactions initiated by a reporting system are called a financial or fiscal report. The fiscal reports have to comply with four features, such relevance, reliability, comprehension, and to be comparable.

In order to prove the of the impressive impact of professionalism, competence, knowledge of financial management, and the intensity of coaching Officials of the Inspectorate to the quality of the financial reporting, the authors will use the analytical method. This method contains multiple levels: Operationalization of Variables, Professionalism, Competence, and Knowledge of Financial Management, Development intensity Apparatus Inspectorate, Methods of Analysis and Design Testing Hypothesis. This research is also supported by a questionnaire distributed to 23 people.

Consequently, this research will provide enough scientific evidence to support the theory that the condition of the financial reporting area is visibly influenced by the Professionalism, competence, knowledge of financial management and coaching intensity Inspectorate officers jointly. The condition of the financial reporting area is modified to a certain extent by the knowledge of financial management and also by the apparatus coaching intensity Inspectorate.

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Andreea Toma