BRAIN: Team Management Styles within the Present Social and Economic Context

Organizational performance is given by the efficiency of the employees and how well they work as a team. The paper “Team Management Styles within the Present Social and Economic Context”, written by Costin Dămășaru, Colonescu Anca-Cristina, Ramona Leon, and Crăciun Andra, approaches aspects regarding styles of managing teams in the present social and economic conditions, highlighting that the most important component towards success is represented by the management of the human resources.

The present paper advances a conceptual approach on team management styles, identifying which are the ones that determine a high efficiency within work teams and laying emphasis on the cognition mechanisms related to teamwork. To uderstand what lies behind a team’s performance level the authors analysed aspects such as communication processess, strategy, common resources use, and cooperation.

In order to obtain detailed descriptions directly from professionals the researchers conducted a sociological inquiry that consisted of face-to-face interviews. They concluded that a manager stands out as the key in the way human resources are guided and that the most productive teams are the ones whose activities are coordinated by a manager practicing a democratic managing style.

You will learn more about the relationship between management styles and team efficiency in the upcoming issue of BRAIN Journal.

Emilia Șteț