Right-Linear Languages Generated in Systems of Knowledge Representation based on LSG

Daniela Dănciulescu (University of Craiova), Mihaela Colhon (University of Craiova) and Gheorghe Grigoraș (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași) worked on a study which extends the method presented in a work of Tudor (Preda) (2010), mainly the method for formal languages generation based on labeled stratified graph representations. The authors consider the stratified graph formalism in a system of knowledge representation and reasoning. The paper offers a method that will be good to be applied for generating any Right Linear Language construction.

The paper consists of four sections. The first one is an introductory one, the second sections provides the theoretical background behind the presented study. The manner in which the language generation mechanism is designed by means of a system of knowledge representation and reasoning is presented in section three and the final section includes concluding ideas and the future study of the researchers.

The mechanism provided by the authors may generate languages of the first type and of the second one. This means that the new system for formal language generation by means of a system of knowledge is based on stratified graphs. The major part of the paper consists of exemplifying it with the help of their last work (Dănciulescu, 2015). Still, not everything is perfect, as there still are problems which does not have a solution. For example, oane of the problems is the investigation of the mannerin which the generated formal language sequences could be affected. Another problem could be the formal languages families that can be generated using this type of knowledge system: regular languages, context-sensitive language, etc. The researchers plan to work on these problems and organize studies in order to solve them.

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Mihaela Guţu