BRAIN: Ethnolinguistic Audio-visual Atlas of the Cultural Food Heritage of Bacău County – Elements of methodology

Cultural heritage consists not only of objects that we can see and touch, but also immaterial elements like social practices, knowledge, skills, and traditional food. The paper “Ethnolinguistic Audio-visual Atlas of the Cultural Food Heritage of Bacău County – Elements of methodology”, written by Petronela Savin, aims to present the methodology of the platform that contains results from field researches and scientific documentation on local cultural food traditions.The survey involves the older generation from the rural county of Bacӑu, Romania, and once transposed into electronic format it may become a resource for a larger spectrum of activities such as education, economy, and tourism.


The research methodology used in this project is an interdisciplinary one, combining the methods of socio-human sciences with information technology. On the whole, it records knowledge and practices of traditional food, cooking techniques and recipes, while transfering the latest achievements in the field of geolinguistics into the research of immaterial patrimony.

The project contains ethno-linguistic and ethnographic material that will enable the creation of an interactive database with the potential to turn the atlas into a virtual museum, capable of bringing improvements in the field of education and ethnographic research.

All in all, the project is an educational resource with the potential to bring together senior generations with young people through tools that encourage creative learning.

The upcoming issue of BRAIN Journal will contain a paper that will present the methodology of the platform in detail.

Emilia Șteț