Day: March 8, 2018

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The Implementation of IAS/IFRS in Romania – Advances and Perspectives

This paper represents a study on the implementation of the international accounting standards in Romania. Through this paper we find out about the stages covered and the solutions adopted by Romania as well as the perspectives concerning the adaptability of the national accounting system to the performance of the international

An Empirical Investigation into the Matching Problems Among Game Theoretically Coordinating Parties in a Virtual Organization

Virtual organization emerged as a highly flexible structure in response to the rapidly changing environment of 20th century. This organization consists of independently working parties that combine their best possible resources to exploit the emerging market opportunities. There are no formal control and coordination mechanisms employed by the classical hierarchical structures.

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The Relationship Between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Telecommunication Industry: Evidence from Nigeria

This study investigates the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the telecommunication industry with a focus on Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Nigeria. A total of 230 respondents participated in the study. Research questions and objectives were set, alongside the hypotheses that were formulated and tested. Descriptive statistics comprising

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How Much Mathematics Does Economy Need? …Or… Some Brief Epistemological Excursions into the Mathematics Located on the Border with Social Sciences

In our paper we try to answer to the epistemological question how much mathematics does economy need. Tiberiu Socaciu Articles on the web Sierra Leone picks president in shifting political climate What You Need to Know About the World’s Worst-Ever Listeria Outbreak Woman found with meth and needles in


The Impact of Product Price Changes on the Turnover of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Pricing decision has been a crucial decision made by all business enterprises at all levels and has posed a great challenge for Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria. This research work treats the impact of change in price on the sales turnover of organizations, a study of SMEs in Nigeria.

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A New Concept of Marketing: the Emotional Marketing

Nowadays, in the marketing area, a new concept of marketing is emerging: the emotional marketing. The emotional marketing studies how to arouse emotions in people to induce them to buy that particular produc/service. Recent studies shown how purchasing choices and decisions are the result of a careful analysis of rational

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Education in Accounting Using an Interactive System

This paper represents a summary of a research report and the results of developing an educational software, including a multi-agent system for teaching accounting bases and financial accounting. The paper describes the structure of the multi-agent system, defined as a complex network of s-agents. Each s-agent contains 6 pedagogical agents

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Business Ethics in Third World Countries. a Romanian Representative Case: RoşIa Montană

Roşia Montană case became representative by its complexity, considering the interaction of the economic with other social sectors on one hand, and on the other hand, considering the context of a economy on the globalization edge in a South-eastern European country ‘rebuilt’ after 1989 and in a permanent ‘reform’ of

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Accounting Knowledge Representation in Prolog Language

This paper presents some original techniques for implementing accounting knowledge in PROLOG language. We will represent rules of operation of accounts, the texts of accounting operations, and how to compute the depreciation. Bogdan Patrut Articles on the web How To Reset your Tinder Account Kano Accountant-General resigns Twitter Bans