Day: March 5, 2018

Empowerment in a Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

The issue of power has always existed in literature and it also appears in children and young adult literature. Fiction for young adults addresses subjects which people are faced with in everyday life and writers of such fiction try to make use of tangible topics to give a voice to

Military zone,soldier,weapon.

Chronicling the Pain of Conflict-Hit Kashmiris: a Study of Mirza Waheed’s the Book of Gold Leaves

Kashmir being the most militarised zone in the world, has suffered miserably and its people are the most victimised as they are the worst casualties of conflict. Mirza Waheed being one of the native writers in contemporary times to speak of Kashmiris captures the painfully scattered lives of these traumatised

Communication,dialogue,transfer of information.

Communication, Non-Communication, and Their Integration

The term ‘communication’ becomes meaningless if we cannot distinguish communication from what is not communication or if the notion of ‘information transfer’ is undifferentiated. The situation is complicated by the fact that some phenomena can be viewed as ‘communicational’ in some respects but not in others. A further complication is


Obsessive Contradictions in ”PăDurea SpâNzurațIlor”

In this article I intend to treat the problem of contradictions on which the main character from the novel Pădurea spânzuraților, Apostol Bologa, develops. I also took into consideration the trigger of all these antonymic attitudes, the light, treating the element both in terms of literary approach as well as


Death Obsession in Anton Holban’s Novels

Love, death, jealousy, detailed psychological analysis of innerself, intimacy study, music, the sea, the exacerbated pride of the protagonist, superiority or inferiority complex, the lucidity with which he examines the experiences are central themes of Anton Holban’s works. Some of them are uniquely developed in an obsessive manner in each

Modern art-student monument-Abacus.

The values of Antiquity in Contemporary Literature and Arts

Starting from the books Critères esthétiques et jugement de gout of Yves Michaud and The Transfiguration of the Commonplace of Arthur Danto, the aim of the present article is to underline the influence of the values which are specific to Antiquity over modern and contemporary art and over literature which, in time, has proven

American Political Speech.

When Apologies Are Not Sincere Apologies

In politics, as in everyday life, apologizing is a frequent act sharing the same meaning in both contexts. However, if we look closer, we will see that in politics the act of apologizing acquired the status of an art and sometimes a deeper and/or subsidiary significance. Though, there are situations